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2008-04-05 Marx bar Spring party

It's time for the new group of EC Stagiaires to welcome Spring to Luxembourg with our first party of the session. Believe it or not winter is over so it's time to warm this city up with a hot party.

To keep up with our Spring theme everybody should be dressed in their finest "Spring clothes" including bright and warm colors, and any festive styles you feel appropriate for a spring night out on the city.

Marx Bar
42, 44 rue de Hollerich
http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q … Luxembourg

Tickets can be bought in advance for:
7€ for any Stagiaires
8€ for anybody else
Or 10€ at the door

All tickets include a free shot!

Part of the proceeds are donated to charity so your partying is going to help out others, everybody wins!


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