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2013-12-03 Bulgarian presentation in the nanotechnologies

Tuesday, 3 December 2013,
12:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.


Create cooperation for current and new projects

Speaker :Professor Jivko JELEV, Bulgarian scientist

Language : English
Forum da Vinci
6 boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte
L-1330 Lucxemburg
Free entrance!
To register, please send an email to aliasbl@pt.lu

About Professor Jivko Jelev:
April 2013, honour awarded from Interpol on Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy
Scientific seminar and Exhibition "Nanotechnologies for enhanced security and better protection of our citizens" Euro parliament Brussels, 5-9 March 2012
Elected 07 May 2011 an acting member of RA Academy of Science Moscow /MJRCert.No16956 /
1990 – Present:  Private business „Security mark“ Ltd., President
51,2% controlled „KEIT“ Ltd, (www.keitbg.com), CEO: Jelev’s family company;
Chair and founding member of NGO „Unity-DEN“
1980-1990 - R&D Vice-president DZU St. Zagora (Disk drives- floppy, hard, optical and media) (in that period DZU had 30 000 employees and $1 billion in annual exports)

Prof. J.Jelev presented Bulgarian Stegano/Stochastic encryption method and experience against stolen cars and counterfeiting and together with PhD Krasimir Simonski – Executive Director Agency “Electronic communications, Networks and Information Systems”, propose Sofia - Bulgaria for the next 8-th Global Congress.

List of 7 international projects where scientific discovery and Intellectual Property manifest as a technological solution:
1.    I.P.M. project of the World Customs Organization (WCO), Interpol, EU, and BASCAP against VAT and excise duties frauds and counterfeit products.
2.    New energy sources based on the so-called “Brown gas” (BG) and optimizing existing energy sources through BG.
3.    АТТ UN project against illegal arms trafficking and organized crime.
4.    Continuous monitoring of food and drink products with labels and certificates impossible to forge.
5.    Double guarantee of eco-products, bio-products, holistic products and products for VIP.
6.    Reduction of CO2, mental and electromagnetic emissions.
7.    Control of education and media products against illegal influences.

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