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27 март 2010 г. в 21:00 PIRATE PARTY ARRRRR!!

27 март 2010 г. в 21:00


28 март 2010 г. в 03:00

MARX BAR, 42 Rue de Hollerich, Luxembourg L-1740

The Summer 2010 EC Trainees proudly present our PIRATE PARTY!!!

Dress-up is compulsory if you want to get your free shot so dress to impress and prepare for a wicked time!

with DJ El Gallo and DJ Rico setting the dance vibes..!

Tickets are 6 Euro if bought in advance, 9 Euro if bought at the door.

For information regarding tickets, ticket booking or any other queries, please contact our eloquent spokesperson:-
Mr. Nikos Theodorou at traineesparties@gmail.com

We can't wait to see you! big_smile


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