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#1 31/10/2020 09:34:09

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No football:(((

Dear All, unfortunately under the new rules it is not possible to play any more:((
Be safe and hope for the best!!!

За съжаление вече не е позволено да се играе, по новите правила.
Да се надяваме, че скоро забраната ще отпадне!
Пазете  се!


#2 31/10/2020 11:43:01

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Отговор: No football:(((

Noooo Noooo Noooo!!! ^&**@#!*^!~#^%*

Now hoping isn't gona help much...
You have to demand from the stupid corrupt authorities to give you your freedom to play football back, the freedom to breath and so on...
How long are we gona pretend this fake pandemic exists?!
no new rules,no new normal!

Sheep's live doesn't matter!!


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